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Snoring-The Joys of Hostel Living

A Tale of no sleep

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In life there are certain things that an individual may find exceptionally annoying and hard to bare. For some it's that baby screaming in the row behind you for the duration of a long haul flight. For others it is the guy humming his own made up tune in the long line at the DMV. For me it is quickly becoming snoring and that selfish individual who believes it appropriate to inflict his/her nightime nasal orchestra on other hostel room mates when there is available, for just a few dollars more, private rooms where they can conduct their symphony in confinement.

Websters English Dictionary describes 'Snoring' as follows;

'Breathing during sleep with harsh noises caused by vibration of the uvula or soft palate that can cause immense irritation to others who are in ear shot and have to suffer whilst the culprit sleeps happily.'

When embarking on a globe trotting, hostel frequenting trip you accept the fact that there is a slight chance that from time to time you will have to endure the sleepless agonies that are brought about by being awakened and then kept awake by snoring. And having spent time living in hostels previously, my experience would suggest that the majority of the time hostel rooms are snoring free.
However, i am quickly starting to believe that i have had some kind of snoring voodoo placed upon me because, as i write this, i have not slept the whole night through for over a week because of the above mentioned ailment.
My troubles began with the 80+ year old lady in Mount Cook who believed it appropriate to snore, break wind and hiccup (something ive never seen done before) during her sleep. My initial thoughts were that perhaps she is travelling on a budget and could not afford a private room or a suite at the hotel across the street until it became apparent that she spent $60 a night on dinner at a local restaurant.

Next came the guy in Queenstown who felt it necessary to combine his snoring with the most insane teeth grinding i have ever heard. This situation was made worse by the fact that he was sleeping in the bunk below me so the sound would travel up the bed and reverberate through my matress making the sound blocking technique of covering your head with a pillow to drown out the noise useless. The teeth grinding was so loud that it was like sleeping above a goliath mouse-i find it hard to understand how he still has any teeth remaining.

Having subsequently changed rooms in Queenstown to get away from the snoring grinder we came across the next culprit-and perhaps the worst yet. This individual had nothing else going on other than the snoring, but it was so vicious that Jana and I decided we had to try and do something to get him to stop so maybe we could finally get a little sleep. It quickly became apparent that this guy had passed out drunk still wearing all his clothes and the usual techniques of throwing stuff at him weren't working. I began by violently shaking his leg hoping this would disturb him enough to stop. Nothing-the snoring continued. Jana then attempted to roll him over onto his side. She pratically lifted him off the mattress and he did not even stir.
It took our combined efforts to roll him over and finally the snoring stopped...for a couple of hours at least.

I'm quickly realising that paying a few more dollars for a private room is the only way im going to get any sleep around here...Lesson Learned

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